Immediately following an accident, there are four primary tasks that need to be accomplished, and the order is simple:

  1. Preserve Life by taking care of any person(s) that are injured
  2. Preserve Property and make every attempt to prevent further damage
  3. Call the Authorities: the FAA, the NTSB (if required) and the Police if needed.
  4. Lastly, call your Insurance Representative

There is a section in all insurance polices called “Policy Conditions.” This section describes your duties after an accident. It is usually short and direct, but mostly it says that you must report your loss immediately or as soon as practical, and that you must not do anything that might jeopardize the insurance company’s ability to defend you – simply stated, you must not admit fault, no matter what!

All polices provide that the insurance company will defend you, but in doing so, you must not in any way prejudice the company’s ability to do so.

If you have a claim and need to call us from a payphone, you can dial our toll free number: 800-693-7053